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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Hi Everyone

I will put up the abstracts of some 20 research papers, which you will review, and from your review you will prepare a Narrated Presentation. These Paper Reviews will be put up for all people to comment on. Our UWC students have completed theirs (David all parts) and Karen (just needing to add her narration - the original microphone supplied was poor quality).

A Review is NOT...

  • just a summary of the paper.
  • examination ONLY of the material contained in the paper.
  • only a re-statement of the points made by the authors.

A Review IS...

  • a critical but fair analysis of the quality of the research paper.
  • putting the research into perspective of other research that has been undertaken.
  • an expression (at least in part) of your own opinions and suggestions, including where improvements could be made.

In essence your review should been seen as a constructive critique and at least some reflections of your own points of view.

I will put up abstracts and links for each paper as individual postings and you will book by adding a comment confirming acceptance of this paper for your review.

Instruction Points

Use the latest template (since the CSIR logo has changed) and this can be downloaded from the following URL (Right Mouse Click and Save Target as)

For each slide you will need an audio file using either your Windows Sound Recorder which limits sopund clips to 60 seconds or to download the free software Audacity (Sorry I cannot help you on learning how to use this!)

I have provided a mini-video showing you how to use your Windows Sound Recorder to make audio files. Audio files need to be name slide1, slide2 etc and when completed please use WinZip to zip the files to make a single compressed file for emailing to me. (if you do not know how to make a Zip File please let me know by adding a comment to this posting)

The Ruderic for marking this assignment can be found at the following URL (Right Mouse click and Save Target as)

Please note that if you take a more difficult and longer paper may get awarded bonus marks (additional 10 marks), wheras very easy or short paper you will only get marked out of 90. Difficult or longer papers are indicated with an A, whereas the easiest papers are indicated with a C. Most of the papers are graded with a B and therefore are marked out of 100.

Final Deadline is 15 June 2006 and the PowerPoint should be emailed to (with the heading "Invasives_assignment_1") and the Document name: Initial_Surname_invasives_2006_assignment_1.ppt and as the attached file names (failure to correctly name your files will or provide the incorrect heading for your email message will incur a 10% penalty). If your font page of your Power Point does not carry full contact details you will also be subject to a further 10% penalty.


upload via ftp to the following directory (please ask by email for login details)




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