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Thursday, July 20, 2006



I asked for the following....

1) Your Power Point using the NISL-EI2 Template
2) A sound file for each slide.

What you have done is to embed, the sound into the Power Point rather than "make a sound file for each slide" - The result are these HUGE Power Points, and at least one of which is known to be corrupt (L Mosomane). I actually cannot open any of them on my PC as they are too large!

I guess you best put onto a CD, print out the Power Point making sure you use the option that includes the notes attached to the slide and also making sure you print one slide per page. You can print in black and white.

What I had actually wanted was a Power Point and for each slide of the Power Point to have its own sound file. In other words if you had twenty slides, there would be twenty sound files, with say slide 1 having a slide1.avi, slide 2 having a slide2.avi file etc (the extension is dependent on software and could also be slide1.mp3 and slide2.mp3.

The reason I wanted it in the above way was to prevent developing huge files that 500+ MBytes. Please do not redo, but when you put onto the CD check that Power Points open on another machine so that the file is not corrupt.

Again I will be handing this over to an external with the instructions that you were given and a copy of the paper you reviewed.

Please attached your plagiarism statement to your assignment.



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